At Thornbrae the needs of the dog always come first, we are trained in care and safety along with being fully insured


Along with recognition at championship level we were voted 2019s Best Pet Grooming Business


Skilled but always learning with over 30 years of experience in owning and showing championship dogs


We offer a collect and return service with comfortable, dedicated pet transport throughout Glasgow & Renfrewshire

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High Spec Salon

At Thornbrae Dog Grooming the dog always comes first and thats reflected in our purpose build high spec salon with electric rise and lower tables and everything dedicated to comfort for the dog.

Our glass fronted facility ensures the salon is light and airy and open for dogs to see out and likewise clients see in. We rarely host more than three dogs at any one time and never use cages or crates.

Dog Focused Care

From the vet standard bedding we use in our dog waiting pens to the industry leading premium pet safe products your dog is always in the best of hands with Thornbrae

We deliver a one to one service building a relationship with each dog we work with and offer a variety of light groom options so your pet can get to know us.

Owned by Owners

Our owners Jim and Ronnie have owned and shown great danes at national and championship level for more than 30 years, with several awards and championships under their belts they became approved as judges by the UK Kennel Club and are still very much active within.

Their love of dogs and all aspects of grooming led them to dedicate themselves to learning the profession and establishing Thornbrae Dog Grooming. With a steadily growing client base and a recent award for Best Pet Grooming Business the pair have brought their natural talents with dogs to Thornbrae.

Covid Measures

Alongside our usual intense cleaning and hygiene procedures we utilise facemasks and aprons changed between each dog and offer masks, hand sanitizer and distancing protocol to our clients.

Our work equipment and surfaces are sanitised with dog safe anti-bacterial cleansers after each use and our entire salon is anti-bacterial fogged on a fortnightly basis

Selected Services

Full Grooming

Our full grooming packages include deep soak pre bath, bath and full coat conditioning, brush and blow dry then clip and style

Express Grooming

Ideal for inbetween full grooms our express service includes bath, blow dry and brush along with nails, ears and tail hind trim

Nails & Tails

A visual health check of coat condition along with clipping of nails and tail hind trim, ideal start for first time clients and nervous dogs

What Our Clients Say

"When ever I go into the groomers it is always spotless both Jim and Ronnie are always cleaning the work areas and have their masks ready to meet your fur baby with a welcoming smile. Best groomers my Lilly and Scooty have been to"

'Lilly & Scooty'

"Fantastic, wonderful service from Thornbrae Dog Groomers ☺️🌟 they were absolutely brilliant with my wee Louie, he looks and smells gorgeous. So chuffed. Louie can often be quite nervous with the dryer however no issues at all today!! Excellent. Lovely groomers. Will most definitely be back. Thanks again 👌🏽☺️ highly recommend Xx"


"Fantastic, wonderful service from Thornbrae Dog Groomers 🌟 they were absolutely brilliant with my Evie, Poppy and Daisy they looked and smelled gorgeous, lovely and patient groomers (especially as mummy hadn’t been visiting as regular as recommended ☹️). Thanks again and will definitely be back 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟"

'Evie, Poppy & Daisy'


5 George St, Howwood


Email:     Phone: 07578 822960                    


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